Valentine Inspiration {Hearts of Gold}


A small token of love this Valentine’s Day. This vignette was simply to share the short and beautiful life of these divine, almost other worldly garden roses we had to work with as well as some very pretty finds from an antique store that belong to the photographer Annabella. The rest is what others see in it, whether that is just something pretty to scroll through or  little gems that stand out as inspiration, or really anything. We give our own meaning to objects when we see them as symbols; in this case symbols of affection, sweetness, romance, and softness. This doesn’t mean that one must own or recieve all of the gilded hearts and fluffy roses in the world to have a proper Valentine’s experience, but instead that whatever we do for others, (any tokens, actions, or words that have meaning) will be the best received when given with love.

Magnolia Rouge  kindly featured this today along with a bonus tutorial to learn more about how to create the candles or the sugared garden rose petals in the photographs.


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Sweet Violet Bride Magazine {Bouquet Feature}

What a thrill to see a new business take flight and to even more so to be a part of the first project. Sweet Violet Bride is a new print magazine that is full of natural inspiration for  wildflower loving brides and beauty seekers alike. Our team created a spread of bountiful bouquets with texture and intriguing combinations. Thank you Naomi for asking us to be a part of your new adventure. The only way we are all going to thrive in this world is to work, share, and  create with a sense of community.

It takes bravery to achieve your dreams and our example this week, Sweet Violet Bride,  is sure to know the feeling of sweet success!

Annabella Charles Photography

Everbloom Designs

Natalie Chang Designs

Prop Cellar Vintage Rentals

1 peach Sweet Violet Mag





The green chemical responsible for the absorption of light by plants is called chlorophyll and those tender leafy greens are precious and rare right now in the middle of winter. With a few herbs and flowers purchased here and there, this was a nice reminder that no season is eternal and that Spring will be here before long. […]

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The Flowerwild Workshop {Part 2}


See that golden hue Burning in the west My dreams are with that color My dreams are the sun …My dreams are with the sun -Dawn Michelle A Workshop created and directed by: Kate Holt of Flowerwild Photography: Jose Villa Featured in: Style Me Pretty Hair and Makeup: TEAM Hair and Makeup Paper Goods and […]

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The Flowerwild Workshop {Featured on Style Me Pretty}

smp post

This past April I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop created by Kate Holt of Flowerwild and today Style Me Pretty posted all of the incredible photos that truly capture the essence of that perfect California sun filled afternoon with Jose Villa and Kate (among many other talented vendors). This is just a preview, so prepare […]

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The Leftovers {Flemish Palette}

2 a

Just couldn’t resist playing with some photo shoot leftovers that somehow survived over two weeks without any water or care. They were still lovely enough to make into some vignettes in a Flemish palette with a hint of winter greens and blues.    

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Magnolia Rouge {The Romance Issue} Blush meets Blue


The new Romance Issue of Magnolia Rouge is out and as full of gorgeousness as ever! Issue 4 is live and all the digital issues are here in one lovely place. Kate Holland is the creative force behind this New Zealand treasure and we have been working with her for over two years now. It is hard […]

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Autumn Palette

post dark red mask

A little something different on the blog this Autumn day where the sunlight gets a little shorter and the colors richer. We need to remember to savor the greens before we wish them all to reds, oranges, and yellows and to fall to the ground. I will share more of this art-based shoot in the future, […]

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Plum Nectar


One never knows exactly when an idea will come to fruition when they first have it pop into their mind. Such is the case for this very rich and delicious color scheme. The theme overall was inspired by a painting I kept showing and texting Annabella and Kristin. Each of us pulled out of the […]

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Romance & Flowers

insta 500

After some research the author of this quote still is not known, but it is a lovely one nonetheless: My chest is your garden and the seeds you planted in my heart are going to be painfully beautiful flowers.

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A Touch of Southern Style {Wedding UK Magazine}

960 mag interior_edited-1

There are no words that can describe how excited our team is to be published in (UK) Wedding Magazine. It is sold in so many countries, including the United States, and I personally have been buying it along with the sister magazine Wedding Flowers since I was engaged in 2003. I cannot believe 10 years later Haute Horticulture is a […]

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Tasha {A Bridal Shower}

1 t

When a wedding shower is given by a photographer you know every detail is going to be lovely, especially if it’s a bridal shower by a wedding photographer. Annabella Charles is the reason I know Tasha, the bride-to-be, and she is such a warm and devout person. We will be doing her wedding next month […]

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A Little Bubbly {Pink Champagne}

pink 1

Annabella Charles gets a lot of credit on my blog for a reason. She works hard and practices with me constantly to get the right look for both clients and editorial customers alike. I love to showcase what we do in the hopes of inspiring whomever may come across this blog. I love to look […]

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Inspiration Recharge

1 de grollier

I was recently fortunate enough to be taken to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (lacma) and it was exactly what I needed to renew my creativity. There was too much to see in a few short hours, but I think any longer would have been overwhelming. I have to thank Sam, Alex, and Paula […]

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Purple Dahlias {a little practice}


I was told once by a successful floral designer, whom I admire, that all she did was practice  with every flower she could get her hands on; especially in the beginning. I also recently saw a video/article that really hit home in this regard. It is my belief  and that of my dear friends Annabella Charles (she […]

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From the Garden {Dahlias and Shrimp Plant}

ranunculus and peach

There is nothing better than getting to play with a new variety of flower purchased from my local nurseries. This particular little photo collection by Annabella Charles was made up of our personal garden Dahlias, Bougainvillea, and Shrimp Plant (Or Justicia brandegeanas as they are known botanically). It also includes some Ranunculus from the wholesaler and the […]

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Earthly Heirlooms {Magnolia Rouge Issue 3}


We absolutely love getting creative when it comes to the themes of Magnolia Rouge Magazine. Working with Annabella Charles Photography and Everbloom Designs we designed an entire vignette around the heirlooms that are gifts from the Earth to be transformed into treasures for generations to enjoy. Whether made of wood, clay, cotton, charcoal, or seeds […]

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instagram quad

‘When one plants a garden they are admitting they believe in tomorrow’. This much is true, but with each day that the sprouts begin to grow taller and taller the anticipation mounts. We have so many little seedlings planted here that we cannot wait to see take shape! So while we practice patience, we can show you a little […]

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Lovely Words on Paper

etsy sarah trumbauer

Sometimes we turn to mediums other than our own for a little pick-me-up. This week I found two really lovely vendors on Etsy who make these items. Sometimes it’s just nice to see words of positivity and grace when you are moving forward with your dreams. After all, great plans require great risk so it is […]

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Roses from the Garden {Milk Glass and Heirlooms}


We have had a bountiful year here in the south so far. Our garden seems to agree. Here are some hand picked lovelies in my milk glass collection. It was a little bit of fun with photographer Annabella Brandon and stylist Kristin Wolter-Canfield to break up the long week (and an excuse to see Annabella’s handsome newborn […]

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Flowerwild Workshop


Maycamas Ranch is nestled deep in the heart of Napa, California. It was there that Kate Holt of Flowerwild greeted us (attendees of her workshop) with open arms. It was also there, surrounded by beauty, that we formed new friends and learned from a pioneer in the shift of floral design in our changing world. Kate was so […]

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Garden Basket


What a beautiful time of year. Here is a photo that sums up the wonder of having a basket full of freshly picked botanicals. Oh the possibilities! Photo: Annabella Charles Photography

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Spring {a time to grow}


For all of us who love that first spotted daffodil in the field or the blossoming trees that seem to pop overnight, Spring is here! It is the rebirth of not only the fresh leaves of the trees and Wisteria vines along the roads, but a chance to start over in our hearts. To love […]

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Beauty in Botany {Magnolia Rouge Feature}


            Magnolia Rouge published its second edition under the new name and the magazine is a treasure trove of real weddings, style, and more! Kate (the director) was able to use two seperate photo shoots from our group in the magazine and we thought we would share the lovely botanical beauty here on the blog. It’s an ode to the lithograph […]

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Flowerwheel App


To show you how useful Flowerwheel App for iTunes is, we are going post actual screen shots of the flowers (from our phone) for today’s featured Style Me Pretty photo shoot that are from the app, then saved as favorites, and emailed.  We created this app because there was nothing like it yet available and as a floral design company we needed a […]

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A Parisian-Inspired Shoot {Featured in Style Me Pretty}


Style Me Pretty is one of the biggest and most watched blogs in the wedding industry for fresh ideas, real weddings, and incredible photo shoots. They even have a new book with all of the best photographers, stylists, planners,  and floral designers as contributors. When we found out SMP was going to publish something we worked hard […]

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A Beautiful Day! {Style Me Pretty Feature}


It is truly a beautiful day to share some photos we have had to keep to ourselves for some time. That’s the way it works in the publication and editorial business, you must be months ahead of the season and then wait to see your product in its rightful place. We have been thrice featured […]

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Our Philosophy {Hello!}


Welcome to FlowerStyleLove a philosophy and open dialogue about flowers,  floral design, and a wee bit of education for all of us.  We have backgrounds in numerous studies including psychology, art, education, photography, (and a handful of others) and have been immersed in the culture of flowers for some time. We love to post  inspiring photographs and subject matter […]

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Brittany & Jason {Project Wedding March 25, 2013}

project wedding cover page 3-25-2013

Real weddings are sacred and they have to account for a lot more life situations than photo shoots, so when a wedding with Annabella Charles as the photographer comes up it’s fun to see a couple get the royal treatment  and be featured on a national blog like Project Wedding. We are so happy for the […]

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We Love: The Flower Recipe Book {By Studio Choo}


The Flower Recipe Book is a great read for starters and professionals alike with stunning visuals and both common and unusual flowers for every taste. Well done from start to finish, its simple and clean format is just perfect to unclutter your mind and only think about flowers. The company is Studio Choo. The book can be […]

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Autumn Arrangement


While it may be Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere,  Autumn is coming to the Southern Hemisphere. This is an arrangement for all of our readers down South. {Photograph by Annabella Charles Photography} Recipe: Banksia, Magnolia Grandiflora Fruit, David Austin Juliet Garden Rose, Echinacea (Coneflower) in Orange, Acorn on the Branch, , Crabapple on the Branch, […]

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Romantic Garden Rose Bouquet


Simple bouquet recipes can be just as effective as varieties. This romantic rose bouquet was primarily garden roses and spray garden roses in a bundle surrounded by Magnolia leaves (which have a velvety tobacco colored underside). The handle was wrapped in silk ribbon and styled by Kristin at Everbloom Designs. Lovely photographs by Annabella Charles Photography.

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We Love: The 50 Mile Bouquet {Book and Blog}

50 mile a

The 50 Mile Bouquet is a journey alongside author Debra Prinzing and photographer David E. Perry in their documentary of growers who don’t follow the modern unhealthy methods of mass flower production. These stories and photos give hope to those of us who feel torn to be a part of such a business that is seemingly […]

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We Love: Dogwood {a flowering tree}


Flowering Dogwood trees are truly magnificent. We love them so much they are a part of the Haute Horticulture logo. There exist a few common varieties that all put on a spectacular flower show in the Spring. The white, pink, and red varieties are all a member of the flowering North American Dogwood group Cornus Florida […]

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The Cheery Cherries {Using Fruit in Bouquets}


 There is nothing more delicious than using berries and various edible fruits in bouquets, but what is truly safe and what is fantasy? We have worked a great deal with fruits and unusual bouquet content recent years and here is the true advice we have to give customers and aspiring floral designers alike. When it comes to bridal […]

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Magnolia Rouge: A Styled Shoot {Jan 2013 Issue}

1 mr gold cream

We have been honored to be included in nearly every issue of Mag Rouge and now Magnolia Rouge Magazine. This is from the January 2013 issue. The use of antique golds, flatware, and vintage wallpaper mixed with the flowers, succulents, and berries to form a tapestry of textures and pastels. Styled by Kristin Wolter of Everbloom […]

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We Love: The Book Bringing Nature Home {Flowers by Nicolette Owen}

bnh 2012

 The book Bringing Nature Home : Floral Arrangements Inspired by Nature with designs and by Nicolette Owen and photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo is a delight for flower enthusaists as well as designers who crave examples of modern natural arrangements in a beautiful home setting. The arrangements may seem simple, but the placements of the seasonal branches and […]

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Pastel Seaside Inspired Bouquet


This cheerful pastel bouquet is so soft and lovely in velvety mints, peaches, and buttery yellows. We found it in our archives and decided  to share. The  By the Sea theme was part of a bouquet photo shoot collaboration with Annabella Charles Photography, Everbloom Designs, and Natalie Chang.

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Publications and Blogs


We here at Haute Horticulture are so grateful for all of the features both in print and online. We are thrilled and honored when someone shares what we have created {alongside some other very talented vendors}. Our belief is that inspiration is important and our passion is making it with our own hands to then be enjoyed and photographed. […]

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Flowerwheel {The Website}

dogwood recipe

Click Here to see what the talk is all about! We have an amazing app and you can try it for free or just skip a small latte and buy this guide with nearly 700 amazing flowers on your apple device forever! {Flowerwheel App also  has a cute little Demo Video }

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