bouquet karin

The real Karin, who wears skirts and flats with an apron whenever possible, is a texture fanatic, and so in love with flowers she is started a flower farm in 2014.

Flowers are poetry. Each petal a word. Flowers pass through many hands before they reach their final destination. From the hands that harvest to the hands that hold, we are the people who live to love flowers and honor them with our work.

The lead designer and owner of Haute Horticulture is Karin Woodward. She uses nature as her medium and lives immersed daily in the art of floral design and flower farming. She has studied across the country and mentored with some of the most talented designers in San Fransisco and Los Angeles, California. Karin is constantly expanding her education portfolio each year to evolve and sharpen her existing talents. Her life has always been in the company of flowers and she thrives on not only working with them, but sharing that passion and knowledge with others. Whether she is building an event from the dreams of a client, crafting extraordinary visuals for photographs, or teaching floral design, Karin exudes true excitement for her profession and lives it daily.

Our prices are based on the individual project. Click here for minimums and pricing details or to contact us.

Haute Horticulture is available for event booking, but we take a highly limited number of events per year so that we may provide the utmost in service and products to our clients.

{Photo Credits and Thanks to:  Annabella Charles Photography}


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We would also like to thank all of our hard working vendor friends, staff, and all of the dear (patient) friends and family that have supported us through the years. Bringing ideas to life takes more than the energy one or two people, and we are grateful for the time and talent of many others along the way. We are also thankful for the clients who believe in our ideas, the editorials who have published some of our most creative visuals, and the community of talent on whom we depend for collaboration and a grander vision realized. May we all be able to pay forward into the circle of giving and receiving in this world.